Contractor Mortgages

Working as a contractor can create challenges when seeking a mortgage however with our vast experience in this field, and working with UK specialist & high street lenders, we’ll give you the best chance of obtaining not just a mortgage, but a competitive interest rate as well.

Daniel – Crescent Mortgages

‘It doesn't matter whether you’re remortgaging, purchasing or even a first time buyer; there are great deals available to you as a contractor. The market’s progressed in the last few years and lenders are aware that being a contractor does not necessarily make you a higher risk than an employed person.’

An Example – IT Contractor

If you’re working as a day rate contractor on a fixed term contract in the UK, even if you run your income through a Ltd Company – some mortgage lenders have lending criteria which will focus on your day rate, instead of your Ltd Company. Knowing which lenders to approach can mean they’ll assess your income far more favourably which could mean you can borrow more and potentially obtain a better interest rate.

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